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The Dog – Child Relationship

by Pat Rohde
Rav’n Dog Training

I believe one of the most misunderstood areas of dog behavior is the relationship between a dog and a child.  Most children who are bitten receive the bite from their own dog or a friend’s or relative’s dog.

Dogs are pack animals and when they are adopted by a family they become a member of the human pack.  They often try to establish their position by challenging members and small children are...... read more


The Honeymoon is Over

by Mary Swinyer, CPDT
Modar Dog Training

Is the perfect dog you adopted 3 months ago suddenly turning into a monster? There is a definite "honeymoon" period for most dogs in new homes, where they may appear very reserved or on their best behavior. The "honeymoon" simply refers to a period of time the dog needs to adjust to his new environment, pack, leaders, rules, etc. Many people are caught off guard thinking they found a dog that fits easily and naturally into their home with little to no adjustment.  They mistakenly allow too much freedom. They may be surprised, even shocked...... read more


Living With an Older or Disabled Pet

by Lisa Stahr
Scout's House

There are many considerations to be taken into account when living with a dog or cat who is getting on in years, who is recovering from injury or surgery, or who is living with a chronic disease, such as arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, or worse.  There are a number of things you can do to...... read more


House Training

by Erin Callaghan, CPDT

It’s a good thing puppies are so cute because they are a lot of work.  If they weren’t so cute no one would want one.  One of the biggest issues with puppies is housebreaking.  A puppy can be causing sleepless nights or tearing up household items and not create as much frustration as a puppy who is...... read more


Avoiding Heat Related Injuries

by Nate Baxter, DVM

The first thing that needs to be understood is that dogs and people are different enough that most of this information cannot cross lines. I do not profess to know what the appropriate procedures for people other than what I learned...... read more



How I Dremel Dog Nails©

by Dawn S. Garrett

A proper introduction to the Dremel is the most important step to grinding your dog's nails. If the dog's first experience is negative, then you will have a long way to go to having a dog that will permit you to grind the nails...... read more